100 Mile

100 Mile

The all new sportive brought to you by East Coast Events and the Trent Valley Road Club features a fantastic 100 mile route that begins with 40 miles of rolling country roads before the climbing starts. We then bring you 40 miles of Wolds climbing capturing a whole 3000ft of climbing finished off by 20 miles of rolling countryside just to cool down with at the end. To keep you going we provide two well stocked feed stations stocked with home made cake and isotonic drinks.

100km Route


The 100km route is a great opener for the new sportive rider looking at getting a taster of what a good 100km can be. The first 35 miles of the route is shared with the 100 mile route so there’s a great atmosphere as all riders stay together up to the feed station in the rolling countryside. The route when it splits still finds some climbing for the shorter route and we manage to find 24 miles for this route with a total of 1600ft of climbing over the whole route.

Whichever route you choose, the choice doesn’t need to be made until the split point of the ride. If you started with intention of doing the 100km and you’re feeling strong, you can still decide to do the 100 miler if you wish and vice versa, we like a relaxed atmosphere for this.

Talking of a relaxed atmosphere, when it comes to navigation, that’s one thing you won’t have to worry about. We use over 300 signs for our events, meaning you can be sure you are on the right track, that’s about 1 sign every half a mile on both routes. Still worried? We have gpx files available too.

We like to think that our events have a fun and friendly feel, providing every thing the rider needs for a great, value for money days riding.


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